Client Endorsements

The enthusiasm, passion and energy that Jennifer has for cycling industry, coupled with her research background and experience is what I believe separates her from other research professionals. Jennifer is an avid mountain bike rider and heavily involved in the cycling community. Because of this, she is able to bring well-thought out perspectives and insights to the table at each step of our projects.

Over the course of the past year, I have been impressed with Jennifer willingness to go above and beyond to make sure the research project is delivering value to the organization. She has a strong work ethic and is committed to helping her clients grow their businesses.

Toni Gnewuch
Trek Bicycles
Marketing Manager

Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Boldry extensively to gain insights into the habits and preferences of snow sports consumers for SIA. Her work is always outstanding and the results provide members of SIA with highly actionable insights that have helped our members build their customer bases and increase their bottom lines.

Dr. Boldry always works closely with the SIA team to better understand, and tease insights out of our retail and participant datasets. She goes the extra mile every time to help us maximize our research efforts across the board, not simply with the data produced by studies she has developed.

I highly recommend Dr. Boldry and the Breakaway Research Group due to her high level of knowledge and overall expertise in statistical modeling, survey research, analysis, and communication. Additionally, Dr. Boldry stands out because of her outright passion for the industries. Her work is simply exceptional.

Kellyann Davis
Director of Research
SnowSports Industries America

Jennifer Boldry has been a solid partner to Amer Sports and has worked as our quantitative partner on key brand equity international studies for several years. Most recently she partnered us on consumer segmentation. The project was composed of several phases, a long journey which entailed gathering data from one stage to inform the next. The projects ambition was to provide an outdoor segmentation model which could work across multiple brands, geographies, product categories and outdoor sports.

Despite the complexity of the task, the multiple data sets and demanding needs of the organisation Jennifer had the professional capacity and expertise to guide us through this project. She was immediately available, swift in data delivery and flexible enough to work around data when new analyses were required.

As someone with a deep knowledge of the outdoor industry as well as a solid statistical base, Jennifer is in a very unique place to provide outdoor brands with a real service.

Yasmin Dufournet
Consumer Insight Director

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